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Praděd, the highest peak of Moravia with its height of 1492 metres, is without question one of the most frequently visited places in the Jeseníky mountains. On top of the mountain there is a television transmitter with a lookout tower. The top platform of the transmitter, albeit artificially built, is the highest point in the Czech Republic.

Forest Bar Horní Lipová

You can look forward to a nice stroll on the way to a popular attraction of Horní Lipová, the self-service Forest bar. On the three-kilometre long route from EFI ApartHotel there are several stylish wooden resting areas where you can relax. On your way to refreshment - drinks chilled by streaming water and sausages for you to fire roast - you can either walk down the forest asphalt road or the soft forest trail, which will require you to cross the stream on makeshift branch bridges several times.


In EFI ApartHotel surroundings there are several caves which are definitely worth visiting. In case you are fond of cave formations or bats, you should not miss out on these places. Some of the caves are further away from the hotel, for example the cave Na Špičáku or Patzelt's Cave. However if you want to go for a nice stroll, you can visit the caves Na Pomezí, which are not even four kilometres away.

Dlouhé Stráně Hydroelectric Power Station

Hydroelectric power station Dlouhé stráně is counted among 7 wonders of the Czech Republic. The ČEZ group power station is located on the river Divoká Desná near the village Loučná nad Desnou. It was added to the list in the year 2005. Even though the power plant is undergoing reconstruction due to be finished by October this year, it is still open to visitors, so you will not miss out on a tour or the beautiful views from the surrounding trails.

Castles and Ruins

You can take a trip to several castle ruins in the surroundings of our EFI ApartHotel. Some of them are within walking distance. Most of them, however, are at least 20 kilometres away and you will have to take a walk in the countryside of Jeseníky for the last portions of the paths leading to the castles.

Červenohorské Sedlo Ski Resort

Červenohorské sedlo is an important tourist attraction in Jeseníky Mountains. Not only is it the most visited ski resort in the area, there are also many hiking trails. There are hotels, restaurants and chalets.

Kralický Sněžník

Even though Králický Sněžník is one of the smaller mountains in terms of expanse, its peak measuring 1424 metres is the third highest in the Czech Republic. The highest mountain is called the same as the whole mountain range - Králický Sněžník. It is located near the village of Králíky and the snow on top of the mountain does not melt for as long as eight months.

Paper Mill at Velké Losiny

Not far away from Šumperk, in the picturesque valley of the river Desná, lies the village of Velké Losiny. The village is interesting for its rich history and spa tradition going back hundreds of years. There is also a famous paper factory, which was established at the local estate of moravian noblemen from Žerotín in 16th century. The manufacture of Velké Losiny is among the oldest establishments of its kind that are still active in Europe. Even today the paper is being manufactured here the traditional way, from cotton and linen. Velké Losiny is 32 kilometres from EFI ApartHotel.

Velké Losiny Chateau

The chateau is located in the municipality of the same name, near the valley of the river Desná. This place is infamous for the witch-hunts. The movie Witchhammer was shot at the chambers of Velké Losiny. The chateau of Velké Losiny is counted among significant Renaissance monuments in North Moravia. Losiny are 32 kilometres away from EFI ApartHotel in Horní Lipová.

Olomouc Zoo

If you are an animal lover, you can take a trip to Svatý Kopeček by Olomouc, less than one hundred kilometres from our hotel. The Olomouc Zoo has 350 animal species, some of them being very rare. There is a lot to do even for children. You can take a train in the local safari or rest at the refreshment stand while your kids are playing at the adventure park.