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Kralický Sněžník

Even though Králický Sněžník is one of the smaller mountains in terms of expanse, its peak measuring 1424 metres is the third highest in the Czech Republic. The highest mountain is called the same as the whole mountain range - Králický Sněžník. It is located near the village of Králíky and the snow on top of the mountain does not melt for as long as eight months.


The way to the top is physically demanding

Králický Sněžník is 43 kilometres away from Horní Lipová where our EFI ApartHotel is. A nature trail with fifteen stops winds its way through the area. The trail starts at the parking lot in Dolní Morava. The path will lead you through the valley of Morava river all the way to its spring just beneath the mountain top. You can then continue further to the crossroads by Adélin pramen. The trail ends at the chalet of Návrší and it is fifteen kilometres long.


Kralický Sněžník - EFI ApartHotel


National nature reservation abundant in fauna and flora

The reservation was established in the year 1990. Thanks to the expanse of Králický Sněžník it is counted among the largest reservations in the republic. The subjects of protection are Alpine tundra with significant animal species, the original forest biocoenosis, or karst formations. Among the most significant animal species is without question the Eurasian lynx, which at one point in the past was exterminated in the area. Today its population has been spreading again in the territory of Králický Sněžník, coming here from Carpathian Mountains. Even the chamois has moved here from the neighbouring Jeseníky Mountains. Among plants worth mentioning is for example jestřábník sněžný, which originated here and only grows in this area. Králický Sněžník is also an important area for birds. In 2004 it was added to the Natura 2000 programme.



An unofficial symbol of Králický Sněžník is the granite statuette of a young elephant, standing just beneath the mountain top. Two highest peaks of the Czech Republic can be seen from the spot where it is placed - Sněžka, the natural one, and the television transmitter at Praděd, the artificial one. There are also plenty lookout towers nearby. You can enjoy a nice view for example from the lookout at Suchý vrch or from the one at Křížová.