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Praděd, the highest peak of Moravia with its height of 1492 metres, is without question one of the most frequently visited places in the Jeseníky mountains. On top of the mountain there is a television transmitter with a lookout tower. The top platform of the transmitter, albeit artificially built, is the highest point in the Czech Republic.


The peak of the highest mountain in Moravia cannot be reached by car. The closest parking lot is 3,5 kilometres away from the final destination. Hvězda parking lot is close to Karlova Studánka. From there you can take the asphalt road all the way up to the top. Karlova Studánka is a little bit over forty kilometres away from EFI ApartHotel. Another option how to reach Praděd is taking the bus from Hvězda to Ovčárna. From there it is also 3,5 kilometres. Three hiking trails lead from the hotel Hubertus in Karlova Studánka, each of them being about ten kilometres long.


With luck you can see as far as Slovakia

There is a television transmitter with a lookout tower and a restaurant on top of Praděd. If the weather is fair you can see Sněžka, Lysá hora or Radhošť from the public lookout. In rare cases, Malá Fatra or the High Tatras in Slovakia are also visible. Originally there was a lookout tower on the top which was built in the beginning of 20th century. The structure resembled a Gothic castle tower. It collapsed in the 60s, as the material used for construction was of poor quality.

Praděd - EFI ApartHotel

Sport activities in charming countryside of the Jeseníky Mountains

There are several bike trails in Praděd surroundings, one of them leading from Karlova Studánka. If you are a fan of steep hills then this trail is just the one for you - there is not one metre of flat road to be found. Right in Karlova Studánka there is an Information Centre with available maps of bike trails. You might find them useful even in today's era of smartphones. You will enjoy the first six kilometres of going up a nice asphalt road through the woods. After a while you will reach Ovčárna where you can refresh, relax or study the map. It is only three kilometres from Ovčárna to the highest peak of Moravia and you can even enjoy a slight descent on the way. If you prefer not going the same way back, you can take the road which leads you over Červenohorské sedlo -  take the turn to Švýcárna a few hundred metres under the peak. From Červenohorské sedlo you can once more enjoy a lengthy ascent towards Jeřáb. There will be a few more alternating slopes before you reach Karlova Studánka again. 


A trip to Praděd is definitely worth it. On the way you can appreciate beautiful countryside and drink in breathtaking views from the mountain ridges. There are several refreshment points on the way, so you do not need to worry about getting too exhausted.